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3600 WLAN port-channel configuration

Currently have 2 interfaces assigned to port-channel ID 0. Want to move them to port-channel ID 1. Via the GUI, Configuration > Network > Ports > (Port) select one of the ports and from the LACP Group dropdown change from 0 1 and click apply and receive the following error:


GigabitEhternet 1/1 :Error:Port is a member of different port-channel grop


From Configuration > Network > Ports > (Port Channel) select ID 0 and deselect port 1 from it and click apply and receive the following error:


Pc-0 is controlled by LACP


Please advise as the correct manner in which to remove both ports from ID 0 to ID 1.



Tony Marques 


Re: 3600 WLAN port-channel configuration

Hi Tony,


Have you tried to do it through the CLI?



conf t
int gi 1/0 (or the Interface you want)
no lacp group


int gi 1/0
lacp group 1 mode active

And the same on int 1/1 (or the Interface you want)

Please note that depending on your design you might lose connectivity to your controller.





Re: 3600 WLAN port-channel configuration



Please try the following:


Configuration > Network > Ports > (Port)->Select the Port


Navigate to LACP parameter & keep the LACP Group option blank.

Apply the changes.


Then you can change the group id for the port.


Please make sure you have console access to the controller in case you lose access via WebUI/SSH while changing the port mapping.

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Re: 3600 WLAN port-channel configuration

Hi Nitesh,

That worked. Thanks!!!


Tony Marques

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