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802.11ac adapters

Not really a specific Aruba question, but what type of adapters are you guys seeing out there?


I'd like to start testing 802.11ac, but having some difficulty in finding adapters.


I see the Intel 7260, and that might be my only internal option.  


What are you guys seeing in the wild?

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Re: 802.11ac adapters

Laptop adapters can be touchy since the manufacturers use a whitelist and block out other adapters being installed in the laptops. BIOS/EFI lockdown. They do this to overcharge on "certified" adapters or they want you to buy a better one in a mroe expensive laptop to begin with.


The Intel ones seem to be the easiest to get working in most laptops.


As for me my 802.11ac adapters are all external:


1) An Amped Wirelsss ACA1: I'ts been pretty good. Very high power and got great throughput with the AP225 (Link to my report)

2) A Netgear A6200: It's been decent, however does have some issues with sleep/hibernation mode and I have to reseat the adapter in the port to get it to connect again 1 out of every 10 or so times. (It's also located in the same report with how it performed with the AP225) The throughput was decent but not as high as I expected it to be.



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Re: 802.11ac adapters


Almost all the 11ac clients we have seen so far  in the wild are OSX (Intel/Apple) or Android SoC from Samsung/LG/HTC etc.


Over half of the handful of Windows boxen are Intel. Most The rest have OIDs from Azurewave (2) and one from Nokia and one, oddly, from Apple.



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Re: 802.11ac adapters

I upgraded the wireless card in my laptop to the 7260. Tested with a 225 and the connection speed and hroughput was pretty good.


It was easy to install too.

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