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802.1x - Internal Radius - OSX Clients are "pushed out"

Hi All,

we have just deployed a campus WiFi based on 802.1x with internal radius and server derivation role to tunnel each user on the correct vLAN.

We have too many users (700) in order to correctly use the internal Radius so we managed to use a department-based username, so the "direction" user will land on his the dedicated VLAN while the "production" user will land on his etc etc..


our clients are 99% MAC and iOS, some Linux and some (rare) Win.

The problem i'm expecting is this:

- sometimes (I have not found a replicable situation yet)

- a user opens the notebook lid, the macbook awakes from the stand-by and connects to the WiFi authenticating via 802.1x as expected.
- the computer is connected and receives the correct IP address on the basis of the vlan and subnet assigned to his derivation role.

- after some seconds (from 5 to 10) the connection is broken, the computer tries to authenticate again through the 802.1x and then it connects again, asks for a new DHCP Lease etc.. etc..
- this is going to happend some (from 3 to 6) times before it stops and stays permanently connected to the network.

This is obviously a Client-Side problem because if i completely reboot that client it will work just fine for some (2 to 4) days.

As anyone experienced this behaviour ? any Suggestions ?



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Re: 802.1x - Internal Radius - OSX Clients are "pushed out"

Turn on user debugging:


config t

logging level debug user-debug




When the user has a problem, type "show log user all" to see what is happening with that user.


While you are waiting, check out Mac OSX Nuances by our resident Mac Guy Austin Hawthorne here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Mobile-Device-Configuration-and/MAC-WLAN-Client-quot-Nuances-quot/td-p/1461

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