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802.1x clients losing Priviledges granted through clearpass accounting proxy


started using an 802.1x ssid this year,  all is working great except for the accounting proxy.  The proxy target is a web filtering appliance.  It would seem,  as we come in for the day and get onto the wireless, I am granted my privileged internet access.  

As I am walking around through out the building or buildings, I am no longer a privileged user, and the web filtering appliance reports it does not know who I am (no username on the reported traffic).

If I go onto the controller, and aaa user del myself.  After re-auth, all is good with the world and I am able to look at instagram again (my only peace in the day).  Here are my specs,  any thoughts?

Aruba 7240 controllers,  running Version
CPPM v6.7.5

Here is my AAA Auth Profile

Parameter                           Value
---------                           -----
Initial role                        denyall
MAC Authentication Profile          NA
MAC Authentication Default Role     denyall
MAC Authentication Server Group     default
802.1X Authentication Profile       HS-Secure-dot1x_prof
802.1X Authentication Default Role  denyall
802.1X Authentication Server Group  cppm_srvgrp
Download Role from CPPM             Disabled
Set username from dhcp option 12    Disabled
L2 Authentication Fail Through      Disabled
Multiple Server Accounting          Disabled
User idle timeout                   NA
Max IPv4 for wireless user          2
RADIUS Accounting Server Group      cppm_srvgrp
RADIUS Roaming Accounting           Disabled
RADIUS Interim Accounting           Enabled
XML API server                      NA
RFC 3576 server                     NA
User derivation rules               NA
Wired to Wireless Roaming           Enabled
SIP authentication role             N/A
Device Type Classification          Enabled
Enforce DHCP                        Disabled
PAN Firewall Integration            Disabled
Open SSID radius accounting         Disabled

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