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A new SSID 's client can't ping each other

Hi everyone,


I have had a SSID named SSID1 already , but I need to create a new one


When I created a new SSID named SSID2, two clients(client A & client B) connect to SSID2 belong to the same subnet , they can't ping each other ,however they can ping  SSID1's client.such as:

SSID2 subnet :

client A :

client B :

SSID1 subnet :

client C:

clinet A can't ping client B

client A & B can ping clinet C

It is strange that when client A & client B connect to SSID1 ,they can ping each other.

I think the problem is on the newly created  subnet /vlan 


here are the conf:


aaa authentication dot1x "SSID2-802.1x"
termination eap-type eap-peap
termination inner-eap-type eap-mschapv2

aaa profile "SSID2-802.1x"
authentication-dot1x "SSID2-802.1x"
dot1x-default-role "authenticated"
dot1x-server-group "Server-Group"


wlan virtual-ap "VAP-SSID2-802.1x"
aaa-profile "SSID2-802.1x"
ssid-profile "ssid-SSID2"
vlan 192
broadcast-filter all
no broadcast-filter arp

wlan ssid-profile "ssid-SSID2"
essid "SSID2"
opmode wpa-tkip wpa2-aes


Thank you for any answers

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Re: A new SSID 's client can't ping each other

What role is applied to the session?


Do you see any firewall rules in thet role?


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