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AMP and ClearPass

I am having trouble now with our WLAN users connecting to the corporate network.  I would like to know how will I be able to see authentication or connection issues and also identify if the problem is with the AP or controller or with the ClearPass authentication server.

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Re: AMP and ClearPass

You can check the Access Tracker on Clerpass, it's useful when you are troubleshooting.

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Re: AMP and ClearPass

Thanks for the quick reply. What specifically should I be looking at the Access Tracker?


The reason I am asking is that we usually have users opening up access issues tickets even if they can successfully login in the past.  And the workaround we do is to clear the mac-authentication cache in 

Administration > Server Manager >  Server Configuration >

Tick the server 

Click "Clear Machine Authentication Cache" on Top Right.

I would like to know also wherein the Wireless controllers can I see logs pertaining to access issues if there are any.

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Re: AMP and ClearPass Certificate Authentication issues.


Clearing the mac-authentication cache is not helping either.  I have escalated this to Aruba TAC and they want to run debug mode on our ClearPass Authentication server and also export the client certificates for working and nonworking laptops.  will reply to this post once I have any new updates from them.


Certificates are being deployed via Windows GPO so it's automatic.
Only several are having certificate authentication problems and not all.

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Re: AMP and ClearPass Certificate Authentication issues.


Aruba TAC engineer required debug logs and desktop logs from working and non-working laptops trying to connect to the corporate wifi.


They also asked for the exported certificates from the laptops that is working and not working.

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