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AP 105 default configuration remotely

I am working with a 3400 controller and I have 16 - 105AP's already configured and working fine on it. While doing my ap installation feature from the controller, I accidentally gave two ap's somewhat of the same name. Now I know for sure I can reset the ap to its factory default by physically going to it but is there a way to set that ap back to factory default from the controller?


Also once the name is configured already, is it possible to re-provision an AP and give it a new name.......When I attempt to do so, I get just a blank screen.

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Re: AP 105 default configuration remotely

Perhaps you can try to re-provision the AP with a new name using the command line interface (using SSH or console to the controller).


The following command can be run to rename the AP:

(Aruba) #ap-rename wired-mac ?
<wired-mac>             Rename AP at this MAC address

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Re: AP 105 default configuration remotely

Thank you much. This is just what I needed and it worked........

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