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AP-135 in new group now throws logging entry <400171>?

Hey All,


I have an AP 135 that was contantly increasing and decreasing its power output (extremely ARM active) and clients in its immediate vacinity (sitting stationary) were getting frequently dropped.  I venture to say however that Macs were more tolerant than the PC's...  Anywho, in order to address this I created a new AP group with lower ARM settings to see if that would calm that AP down.  It has appeared to as it is no longer logging the very active ARM action but now I am seeing this:


Mar  7 14:09:27  stm[1982]: <400171> <WARN> |stm|  wifi_sap_down:unknown SAP IP BSS 24:de:c6:0d:85:20


about that AP.  Aruba docs do not have a description of what that means... Does anyone know what this means?





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