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AP 335 distance

What is the distance in meters of Aruba 335? if its in open ? Thank you

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Re: AP 335 distance

It is depending on the environment, such as noise in the air and whether there are obstacles around, thats why there is no such value in the datasheet.


Based on ekahau's heatmapping tool, it shows the range of 100-110 metres.

Re: AP 335 distance

Don't forget as the communication is bi-directional you also need to consider device capability and their ability to communicate back to the AP. Especially if there are obstacles, walls etc in the way.



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Re: AP 335 distance

In other words the problem is not the Aruba AP, it's you're clients ability to comunicate back to the acces point, youre Laptop /Phone can be in range of the aruba AP, but the transmit antenas of youre Phone tablet may not be powerfull enough to link back to the aruba.

Thas why it's important the antena dbi power.. the weakest antenna is the one that determines the range of comunication.

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