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AP-365 Paint

Hello, our customer has asked if we can paint the some of the AP-365's that we are mounting on their building. What is the warranty implications if we have the AP's and mounts painted. Would Aruba be happy to replace and AP that has been painted if the issue was nothing to do with the paint. Obviosuly we would mask the weep holes, grounding points etc.


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We asked Aruba this a couple of years ago. We have about 150 outdoor APs and quite a lot of them have to be hidden as many are installed in 'historic locations' or on on listed buildings and the like. So we have had to paint a fair few of them!


They said:


Painting APs
Q: As long as the customer uses non-metallic paint can the APs be painted?
Warranty Comment If the painting process fouls the grounding location, LED, or any of the connector interfaces the warranty is void.
Dark colors should not be used in areas where the daytime temperature exceeds 45C
In the event of a failure Aruba does not assume any liability for painting costs of replacement units.
A: Use paint that is free of any metals, and thin enough to not block any vents.
• They should be primed then painted
• Connectors should be masked off. Want to paint just the plastic bits
• Primer - D61H75 "Polane 2.8 Plus Spray Fil"
• Top Coat - Polane Type "HS Plus Polyurethane"


I hope that helps




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Re: AP-365 Paint

Thanks Alexander, I can imagine you have plent of building that require a sympathetic approach. 

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