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Hello Guys

For now i got this table

  SDRAM memory	FLASH memory	CPU
RAP-3WN(P)	128MB	16MB	AR9344 560MHz
IAP-104/105	128MB	16MB	AR7161 680MHz
IAP-114/115	256MB	32MB	AR9550 700MHz
IAP-134/135	256MB	16MB	88F6560 1.6GHz Single Core
IAP-224/225	512MB	32MB	P1020 800MHz Dual Core
AP93H	         64 MB  16MB	AR7242 390MHz
RAP109	        128MB	32MB	AR9344 560Mhz
IAP93	         64MB	16MB	AR7242 390MHz


Im missing AP 103, AP 205 and AP 275 well also the new 103H


Anyone got the Values of Cpu and memory? :)





Project engineer
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