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AP-LAR-1 for RF cables longer than 2m. Why so?

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I was looking through AP-270 ordering guide (http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/products/OG_AP-270Series.pdf) and saw that AP-LAR-1 can be used only with RF cables longer than 2 m. Can anyone explain why? Don't we need lightning arrestors for 1 m RF cables as well?



Re: AP-LAR-1 for RF cables longer than 2m. Why so?

The protection circuits in the AP-274 have been beefed up relative to the 175.


So long as the chassis is grounded the internal protection will handle any surges induced in short cables.


Note that the chassis needs to be grounded when using LAR-1 as well.


Speaking of induced, induction of voltages is a function of cable length. Longer cables = higher inductance = higher induced voltages.

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