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Re: AP Preload on upgrade from 6 to 8



I have tested the following in my lab.


1. MC7030 running

2. Upgraded the Partition 1 (not in use) to

3. Use the AP preload feature to preload to AP connected to MC7030 still on

4. After Preload was completed I disconnected the AP and booted it with console connected :


apboot> osinfo
Partition 0:
image type: 0
machine type: 48
size: 10627500
build string: ArubaOS version for 30x (p4build@pr-hpn-build09) (gcc version 4.6.3) #74058 SMP Fri Jan 24 02:34:58 UTC 2020
oem: aruba


So If I understood your question correctly it could work.



Cheers, Frank
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