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AP Wizard Error

I am trying to configure a new AP in a LAN scenario on my controller and I am able to follow the wizard through but at step 10, I am unable to click on the tab that says CONFIGURE AP'S NOW.


I know that I am not ustilizing all of my AP licenses ( see below )


Total AP Licenses                       : 36
Remote-Node AP Licenses Used            : 0
AP Licenses Used                        : 29
Tunneled Node Licenses Used                     : 0
Unused AP Licenses                      : 7
Licenses used for Campus AP's           : 29
Available Campus AP's                   : 0
Licenses used for Remote AP's           : 0
Available Remote AP's                   : 0
Total Ortronics AP Licenses             : 0
Ortronics AP Licenses Used              : 0
Total Indoor Mesh AP's Supported        : 512
Indoor Mesh AP's Active                 : 0
Total Outdoor Mesh AP's supported       : 512
Outdoor Mesh AP's Active                : 0
Total RF Protect Licenses               : 36
Remote-Node RF Protect Licenses Used    : 0
RF Protect Licenses Used                : 29
Total PEF Licenses                      : 68
Remote-Node PEF Licenses Used           : 0
PEF Licenses Used                       : 29
Total 802.11n-120abg Licenses   : 0
802.11n-120abg Licenses Used    : 0
Total 802.11n-121abg Licenses   : 0
802.11n-121abg Licenses Used    : 0
Total 802.11n-124abg Licenses   : 0
802.11n-124abg Licenses Used    : 0
Total 802.11n-125abg Licenses   : 0
802.11n-125abg Licenses Used    : 0


Since it does not seem to be a license issue, anyone has any idea as to why I cannot add a new AP to any of my AP groups?


Thanks in advance for any contributions rendered.

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Re: AP Wizard Error

the wizzard has issues with certain browsers / browser versions. give it a go with a different one. if you recently upgraded certainly try to clear the browser cache first.

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Re: AP Wizard Error

What version of ArubaOS?

What browser version?

Exactly which wizard?


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