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AP channel change

Is there an easy way to force an ap to change channels?  I have an AP70 on channel 161.  I have purged it with a Y cable and saved the env.  I also deleted it out out of the database on the controller.  When the ap boots it always goes on channel 161.


I really dont want to make any more groups with different settings. Is there a simple command to change it?

Re: AP channel change

You can do this by using the AP-Specific option 


But you should read this :




Maybe you should consider adding an Air Monitor so it could speed the channel scanning to that won't guarantee that your channel will change.

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Victor Fabian
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Re: AP channel change

If you are NOT trying to change it to a specific channel, but bump it to a random channel, you must wait 8 minutes (the default ARM holdown timer) until it even considers changing channel.  An access point saves its last channel in flash, so if it was to be powered off, that is the channel it will come back up on.


If you ARE trying to change it to a specific channel, you need to save a copy of the default regulatory domain profile, name it something different, and remove all of the allowed channels that you don't want the access point to be on.  Next, you would need to go into the AP specific profile for that AP and Apply that new regulatory domain to the AP.

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