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AP fast Failover topology design question

Dear Airheads Experts!


I would like to ask you regarding the following design question.


I found on airheads and the user guide the following statements about the AP fast failover:

"In the controller IP address field, enter the IP address of a controller in the HA group.
5. Click the IP Version drop-down list and select either IPv4 or IPv6 to identify the IP address version type used
by the controller.
6. Click the Role drop-down list to assign a role to the controller. The IP address of each controller must be
reachable by APs and must be the IP address that appears in the Configuration > Controller > System
settings tab of the controller WebUI, or in the output of the show controller-ip CLI command."


In this case if my master controller IP is and my standby controller IP is regarding the show controller-ip command. And I would like to receive my APs connection in a different IP of controller, for example and and we can't route the AP to, we can only route to

Is the fast failover feature working in this case? And what will be the configuration in this case?

What about if we configure the controller ip to in the HA group and configure the lms and bck lms to


Or this feature is only works if we configure to controller-ip in the ha group and lms, bck lms as well. So we have to route the APs to the controller IP only.


Thank you in advance for your help!







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Re: AP fast Failover topology design question

And do we have to configure for dhcp option 43 the controller ip? And can't we point the APs to another IP of the controller?

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