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AP freeze/hang


We have Aruba 7210 controller in HA, IAP 325 in campus mode managed by WLC. AOS 6.5.2 and Airwave 8.0.2

We observed that, The client(Total 4) which are connected on AP10 could not get network resources access as well new wireless client could not associate.
AP11 is 10 meter far from AP10 some wireless clients are in between both AP and already associated with AP10
We assumed that AP10 is hang so we rebooted AP10. Once AP10 come up all nearby wireless client associated with AP10

Here are my questions, If AP10 was in hang state why wireless clients not associated with AP11
In which scenario wireless client associate with nearby AP?
What will be reason for AP hang?

Is there any possibility to get alert from Airwave for hang AP

Thank you...

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Re: AP freeze/hang

There is not enough information to understand what is going on.  What do you mean the AP is hung?  Can you ping the AP?  Can you get a tech support from that AP while it is hung?  Since we don't know if the APs radio was down or not, we cannot answer any of the other follow up questions until we know what has happened.  APs are not expected to 'hang' in normal operation.

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Re: AP freeze/hang

Hi Joseph,

Yes. i can ping the AP.

We could not collect required log cause that was huge down time for us.

This is production setup. Customer can not bare single minuite down time.

If possible, next i will try to get required log

Thank you

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