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AP installed in shuttle bus always loosing config!!!

We currenly offer wifi service via LTE backhawl on our campus shuttle buses.  We have been using AP70s as RAPs for a while now but we kept running into an issue where the AP70s would loose their config.


So, we attempted to replace one of the APs with a AP225 and we still ran into the same issue after about 2 weeks of operation.


As for a physical setup, the AP is powered by a Axis T8122 POE injector getting 12V from the ignition of the bus.  It should also be noted that the bus is turned on/off many times a day.


As for why we chose these AP70 models, we are using both ethernet ports, one for uplink, one for a raspberry pi with GPS tracking, and we use the USB port to power the raspberry pi.


So what I'm looking for is to understand why the AP is loosing its config.  Something wrong with it going on/off so often? Bad voltage coming through the POE? Could the AP be getting turned off during boot and that could flush the config?



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Re: AP installed in shuttle bus always loosing config!!!

I would put a battery backup in front of the power injector, simply because we want to see if with steady uninterrupted power, the APs are stable. APs are NOT meant to be power cycled multiple times a day. To track exactly when this happens you would need to put a console logger on the AP's console port to capture ALL console ouput and then figure out at what point the AP loses it's config and where that falls in the console logs. 


My guess is the repeated power cycling is causing corruption of the flash or loss of config. It would be far better if they were tied to the constant power-side of the buses and not the ignition side, along with some kind of Cap or battery between the bus' 12V power and the power injector to regulate out all the voltage spikes and dips.

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