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AP licenses on the Master in Master/Local environment?

Hi everyone,

please clarify the basic question of understanding.

Do I need at least one AP license on the Master (for an initial AP setup) in Master/Local configuration where APs are terminated on Locals?


In VRD I found a Minimum Licensing Levels for Master Controllers with 0 AP Capacity licenses.

But on the other hand I've learnt that the minimum licenses for each feature need to be installed on the master so that the configuration elements are available. And at the boot up APs first time connected always to the Master.



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Re: AP licenses on the Master in Master/Local environment?

The VRD describes you do not need AP licenses as no APs terminate on the master controller. The other licenses (PEF-NG, RFProtect, etc.) must be present on the master controller so you can configure the settings. Only features used on the local controllers should be available on the master as well.


Re: AP licenses on the Master in Master/Local environment?


It depends on where your APs will land when they have no config after the AP finds the controller through dns, dhcp option 43,etc..


If you are going to point the default AP-group to the controller that has all the licenses then you don't need it on the master if you are planning to provision APs from the master and then point those to the local controller where the AP will live

Thank you

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