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AP tech-support files

I've downloaded the tech-support files via the GUI from a controller running AOS 6.1.x for a mesh AP, however the output is quite brief compared to the output from an access point - ist there a way to get the full output the same as the AP tech-support output. Also is there a way to verify what speed the link is using - I suspect the rate being used is much lower than I expect it to be.

Re: AP tech-support files

I'm assuming you've tried the following?


show ap tech-support ap-name xxxx


This may also help as it shows the expected configured interface speed


show ap enet-link-profile [<profile>]

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: AP tech-support files

It was on a remote session to the controller at a customer site, so I downloaded the files locally via the GUI and had them email the files. Its just that I assumed the output would have been the same as the CLI (this is normally how I do it for an AP) and the same as for an AP - I guess the gui is selective when running this command for a mesh device.

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