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AP205H Wired Configuration

Hello all,

Let me start off with I am new her eand mostly a server / storage guy.
I aquires a couple of APs (205 & 205H) attending events for work that I am attempting to get up and running in my home network.

I have have been mostly successful except for 1 issue I cannot find a resolution for.


on the AP205H, I am using E2 to connect to a netgear router/AP that is part of my security system. the router does not work as a true AP as it works int he z-wave bands and only security devices use it.

It uses an uplink to contact the central server and get updates.

I have tried using the default wired configuration as well as configuring my own "home" network.

I have the 205H configured to use network based DHCP and only the default VLAN (assuming it is VLAN 1).

no matter how I configure this, the security router does not connect to the internet and ends up with a 172.xxx.xxx.xxx address, which appears to be the default from the 205H DHCP.


Can anyone tell me what I may be missing in the configurationt o get the port to basically "pass through" the 205H ?


thanks !


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Re: AP205H Wired Configuration

Please see here: http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Video/VIDEO-Configuring-wired-port-of-IAP-to-Access-port/ta-p/146888

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Re: AP205H Wired Configuration

Thanks for this, it confirms that I did configure the wired network correctly (although slightly different as I am on 6.5.x.x).

It appears that having POE turned on was causing the issue. Once that was turned off, everything started working.


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