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AP275 showing as Inactive

Just to share that in one of the deployment my customer call and said that all the AP275 are inactive even they had all the necessary licenses and the firmware is supported for AP275, it seems to be a bug as they are power supply to the AP and the APs are all power up. The problem here is that the switch used is only 802.3af standard and cannot provide 802.3at standard power thus the AP is powered up but there isn;t enough power to pwoer up the antennas thus it remain in a state of inactive. After changing to a PoE+ switch all the APs are up as per normal.,


Just sharing my experience.

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Re: AP275 showing as Inactive

To add to this, since the intent is to be an FYI for those with 275s showing inactive, on many 802.3at switches, you also need to enable LLDP.

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Re: AP275 showing as Inactive


Coincidentally I was just working on this issue.  I have some HP 2920 PoE+ switches

and indeed, they show up as AF without LLDP and when you enable LLDP, they show

AT in the "Operating state" but AF in the "Current hardware state" yet even though you

can see log entries about it enabling eth1, the radios remain down and they

still carry an I flag in the database.


This is doubly strange because we had one of these working for days, and weeks

ago it went into this state and we just now noticed it since we hadn't set up any triggers

to catch APs in this state, but I'm now sitting here replicating the issue on a fresh-out-the-box

275 directly patched to a test switch, and scratching my head as to how it ever worked

in the first place.


EDIT: Yeah, that is pretty likely this problem here:



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