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AP315 disable radio 2.4

Hi, Guys,


We have an AP315 in a Controller environment running ArubaOS

We cannot enable 2.4Ghz radio on this AP. If I let "Allowed band" to "all" on VAP, only 5Ghz radio works. If I change it to "g", the AP flag to "I" (Inactive).


We have AP205 working fine in both radios in the same Controller.


Is it a software issue? Anyone have any tips?



Paulo R.

Re: AP315 disable radio 2.4

For the sake of completeness, can you capture a 'show ap tech-support' from that AP and attach it to a reply? When you do a 'show ap active' waht do you see for that AP?

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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Re: AP315 disable radio 2.4

I found the issue... The 2.4Ghz radio was disabled on RF Management..


Thank you.

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