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AP387 Mesh And Airwave Configuration Help

I currently have a mesh configured between 2 AP387 - and it is working. However I have not found the secret to get it added to Airwave.


I have tried manually adding it using Aruba AirMesh AP as the device type after configuring smtp on the ap. However I receive the following:


Error fetching existing configuration


Does anyone know the proper steps to add an Aruba Airmesh AP to Airwave?

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Re: AP387 Mesh And Airwave Configuration Help

Sorry, just getting around to scrubbing community posts. 


The 387s will be added like any other ArubaOS or Instant AP when it comes to AirWave. The Aruba AirMesh products are older and have been long end of sale/end of support. 


So depending on if they are on a controller or are running Instant, you would add them as an Aruba device. As such they would need to be pointed at airwave as well, and/or if it's controller-based, ensure that you check the new devices as they should show up automatically (though I'm assuming you are running Instant here, which means add in AirWave and point them at AirWave within the IAP configs. 


That said, note that AirWave currently has no monitoring of mesh, so you will see the APs as up/down and some AP metrics, but the mesh traffic itself is not going to be there. It's getting developed now but I don't have any timelines.

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