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AP510 vs. AP530


looking into datasheets of AP515 and AP530, I find they have same MIMO performance for 5 GHz (4x4:4 802.11ax with 160 MHz max. channeld width).

So, why the maximum data rate of the two APs vary for the 5 GHz radio?

The max. data rate for AP510 is 4.8 Gbps and for AP 530 is 2.4 Gbps!! why is this? Although same MIMO, same spatial streaming and same channeld width!! I suppose that AP530 is a higher end and should probably have a higher performance or, at least, same performance under identical 5GHz raido specs published in datasheet.

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Re: AP510 vs. AP530

The main reason for the difference of max datarate for 5GHz radio is that AP-515 support 1x 160MHz while AP-535s support 2x 80MHz.

Given that nobody will be using 160MHz in the real delpyment, both the APs provide the same max speed on 80MHz.


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Re: AP510 vs. AP530

Thank you ariap for your response.

I don't honestly think I undrestood you well.

Would you please explain the difference between 2x80MHz and 160MHz?

The datasheet crystal clearly says 160MHz and not saying 2x80MHz for both APs and by checking the MCS rates available one will look for 160MHz speeds, not 80MHz speed!. Moreover, I can't imagine what 2x80MHz mean? and how is that different from 1x80MHz? since the channel width is the same in both situations!!

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Re: AP510 vs. AP530

Putting it simply AP-535 supports a single client with 2xSS at 160 MHz Channel width operation (HE160)  while AP-515 supports a single client with 4xSS at 160 MHz Channel width operation.

Hence AP-535 gets half of the Max data rate of the AP-515.

check the specifications section of the current datasheet for both of the APs.

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Re: AP510 vs. AP530

So, you are saying that the datasheet of AP530 is wrong? Because the datasheet says tge 5GHz radio is 4x4 MIMO up to 4 spatial streams. Now you are saying it has 2SS only?

Re: AP510 vs. AP530

AP-515 (emphasis mine) - https://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/ds/DS_AP510Series.pdf


Supports up to 4.8Gbps in the 5GHz band (with 4SS/E160 clients)


AP-535 (emphasis mine)


Four spatial stream Single User (SU) MIMO for up to 2.4Gbps wireless data rate with individual 4SS HE80 (or 2SS HE160) 802.11ax client device

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Re: AP510 vs. AP530

just check the latest datasheet avaiable on our web site as pointed out by jhoward.

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