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AP92, external antenna question.

AP92 can we use this following antenna wtih this AP?



the AP92 had two antenna ports, can we have two of these antennas connected and separated by 6 metres? 


The antennas will be pointed the opposite directions away from the AP. 

Re: AP92, external antenna question.

Hi Yogendrankp,


MIMO antennas are very different than SISO antennas.  They are not all the same.


Aruba's MIMO antennas are engineered to maximize performance.  The construction of the multi-polarization arrays of antenna elements is designed to maximize decorrelation of the individual spatial streams, while minimizing coupling between elements inside the array.


Aruba does not guarantee the performance of 3rd party antennas with our systems.  The risk of any RF issues would be entirely yours.


W/r/t facing antennas in different directions.  This absolutely cannot be done.   The same rules that apply to doing diversity coverage with SISO apply to MIMO.   In other words, when using separate single-element antennas, they must both have:


  • The exact same horizontal beamwidth
  • The exact same vertical beamwidth
  • The exact same gain (this is automatic if the first two bullets are true)
  • The exact same aim point

You cannot use different legs of a MIMO radio to cover different areas.   Because all of the antenna chains in a MIMO radio are transmitting at the same time, you end up with less power in the coverage area while reducing the ability of the receiver to properly recover the high data rates.



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Re: AP92, external antenna question.

Thank you CL. 


The explanation was awesome. I got an good understanding now. 

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