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APs in bridge mode without controller connection



wie have some branch offices and controllers in the hq. The empoyee ssid runs in bridge mode. Is it possible to configure something that if the aps in the brunch lose the connection to the controller, the users can work in the local lan beacause it is in bridge mode? Normaly the ap reboots if it is loosing its controller connection right?



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Re: APs in bridge mode without controller connection

Yes. Those APs would have to be configured as remote APs and the remote AP configuration would have to be "always" for that virtual ap. This normally only work with a preshared key SSID. A better way to do this is to deploy instant APs instead...

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Re: APs in bridge mode without controller connection

Joseph, I have configured a RAP (AP315) with Virtual AP in bridge mode and the remote AP operation set to always as you suggested. Security is set to WPA2-PSK.


Everything works as expected as long as there is a connection to the controller. The wireless clients can ping each other and they can reach other devices connected to the same vlan on the switch.

However, about 30 seconds after removing connection to the controller the clients are no longer able to ping both each other and the wired devides.

With the controller offline I can still authenticate new clients on the AP, but no communication between them is possible.


Do you have any idea what else could be missing?


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