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APs not connecting to controller after reboot

After a power failure and reboot of a local controller (not the master), the APs that were assigned to that controller now appear to be connected to the master.  Users are reporting APs are down.  I only see 15 APs on the controller, the rest are attempting to connect to the master.


Re: APs not connecting to controller after reboot

Is the expected behavior of your setup for the APs to fail to the master in the event of a failure?  If so are you using a single LMS with VRRP or a primary/backup LMS (in your AP System profile).   Lastly, do you have "preemption" enabled in that profile.  If you do not, the APs will stay on their backup LMS until you take action.

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Re: APs not connecting to controller after reboot

To elaborate:


If you configured your AP System Profile to have a primary and backup LMS, then the APs would have failed over to the backup LMS upon loss of contact with their primary LMS. (Configuration > AP Group > AP > AP System > LMS Settings)


If you did not check the "LMS Preemption" box, they will stay on their backup controller until you reboot the APs. The Preemption box might be left unchecked to prevent the APs from having problems in the event of a flapping controller link, or repeatedly rebooting controller problem.


As for them failing to work after going to master, make sure you defined all the same VLANs on the Master as you had on your other controller. Anything beyond that will require more information from you on what exactly the APs are not doing after failing over to Master.

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Re: APs not connecting to controller after reboot

Thanks Clembo and Dan,


We are not setup with backup LMS.  The APs did a search for aruba-master and found the master, but it didn't have the neccessary licenses. 


I resolved the issue by rebooting the access points at the school.  When they came back online, they connected to the local controller.


Thanks for your assistance!

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