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I'm trying to add an RAP 2WG to the controller but after filling out the IP address to connect the RAP to the controller, it show in the test that the Master Connectivty failed, RC ERROR IKEP1.


This should mean that the aruba isn't certified to connect to the controller?

The RAP has already been connected once to the controller, I did a reset of the RAP and it won't connect anymore.


How can I check the status of the RAP and check if it can connect to the Master controller?


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Re: Add RAP 2WG

IKEP1 issues typically mean communication between the RAP and Controller are not functioning......


Things to check.....


  1. Is the RAP whitelisted properly?
  2. Is UDP 4500 open to the controller?
  3. Are other RAPs able to connect?
  4. Are there available IPs in the L2TP pool?    "show vpdn l2tp local pool"
  5. Do you see the RAP connecting inbound to the controller?  "show datapath session table | include 4500"
  6. Do you see any entries in the logs relating to this MAC/connection attempt?


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Re: Add RAP 2WG

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Re: Add RAP 2WG



I got same issue.

In my context CTR 6000 and Rap 2Wg.

Card is SC-I.


What i need to do is to flush rap 2wg.

Connect it to controler ( same vlan and controler send me dhcp ip)

So now rap is in flush state, is booting and geting ip from controler.

I didn't configure master in web interface of rap. Leave rap as a normal ap, give it time to connect to controler.

Rap update sw and reboot.


After this I see rap as normal AP in controler, and now I provision it with procedure "provision rap with psk" as in my "old" card there is no tpm , so no zero touch prov. possibility.


Remark : my default ap group is configured with lms ip able to join from rap.

Rap group is configured with lms ip able to be join from internet.







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