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AirGroup and HP Printer

I've got a 3400 running with airgoup enabled and an HP M575 printer with AirPrint enabled. The VLAN the printer is on is trunked to the controller so that the controller can see the bonjour traffic on the subnet. The layout looks like below:


Printer -> VLAN 17 (172.17.x.x) -> Mobility Controller -> VLAN 19 (172.19.x.x) -> Wireless Clients


The behavior I expect (and let me know if I'm not thinking correctly), is that the wireless client (iOS Device) should be able to see the AirPrint capable printer and be able to print from it as I can see it in the Dashboard -> AirGroup -> AirGroup Servers list. Am I crazy or should this be feasible? There are no ACL's preventing access in the user roles, and there are no additional firewalls or ACL's on other devices between the 2 subnets.


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Re: AirGroup and HP Printer


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