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Airgroup mdns issue



Does anyone run into this issue where you have to keep restarting the mdns process for Airplay show in the devices?
 I'm currently running in the controller. I have a Master with three locals.


I'm also seeing these in the log in the controller.


Oct  1 08:47:13  authmgr[1978]: PAPI_Send: sendto Multicast DNS Listener failed: Connection refused Message Code 0 Sequence Num is 36195


Re: Airgroup mdns issue

If we are trying to get an output of show airgroup in grenache it says "Module Multicast DNS Listener is busy. Please try later".

Grenache is getting hanged for some time.


(A650) #show airgroupservice
Module Multicast DNS Listener is busy. Please try later

Because of this we cannot get the output of show tech-support.


Please confirm if we are facing similar issue. If yes, we need to collect the below outputs to raise to Engineering team.

Collect "show memory mdns" for couple of times and raise it to TAC for help.


Thank you.

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