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Airgroup question on Mobility controller ArubaOS 8


I manage the Aruba iAP wireless for a small K-12 school campus.  Currently I have it setup with three sets of VC and VLAN.  One for each school (lower school, middle school, and upper school.)  This allows me to do a few things like: break up broadcast domains, limit each VC to a managable amount of APs, and each school has it's own VC so I can setup different policy based on the school needs.


Another benefit of having the schools on separate VLAN and VC is when using Airgroup. Only Airprint and Airplay devices for the respective school are visible.  For example, only upper school Airprint printers are available if you are in the upper school buildings.  If you are in the middle school, only middle school Apple TV are available, etc.


For this summer we are upgrading to a pair of redundant 7205 Mobility controllers for the whole campus.  I'm working with professional services to assist in the installation.  In our initial meeting they mentioned removing the different sets of VLANs would be recommended to improve roaming between the schools.  I understand that and I also understand I'll get better control using AP groups using the new controllers.


But I'm unclear and my question is with Airgroup.  Is it possible to limit Airplay/Airprint to an AP group?  Especially for the lower school kids.  If they are learning how to Airprint, we need limit the number of printers they view.  It's crucial they can only see printers available in the lower school, and not the entire organization.




Note:  Our SSIDs are WPA2 personal.


Re: Airgroup question on Mobility controller ArubaOS 8

Are your printers wired or wireless (or both)?

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Re: Airgroup question on Mobility controller ArubaOS 8

Wired printers.

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