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I am dabbling in airplay and have a few question if someone would be willing ton answer.  I know some of this may be in the documentation, but I am having a hard time understanding the interplay for my particular situation. I have a Master and 2 Local controllers 1 main SSID that dumps everyone onto a single VLAN from all 3 controllers.  I have airgoup version of code on controller, and a Clearpass 6.1 server.   I have the RFC3576 server running and Airgroup turned on.  I see thousands of RFC request coming into the Clearpass over the course of a day.  So here is the questions.


1. Do i need to worrry about the large number of Clearpass auth attempts from  Airgroup, should i turn it off for all other user roles except the 1 for testing.

2. Do I need to have drop broadcast traffic off or on?  I have it set to drop broadcast packets currently but was not sure if AirGroups somehow overrides that setting for registered devices.  Even with the 1000s of request coming in for  RFC auth, there is only a handful of devices actully registered in clearpass to allow airplay. Are these 1000s of other devices still being allowed to broadcast, even though they are not offically registered?

3. Will Airgroup on only the master controller allow for AirPlay/Print even on the local controller, as long as they are all on the same vlan.


thanks for the help.

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