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Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)



We recently deployed Airtame devices to our network for screensharing/multicasting.



Our lan clients/wireless clients/airtame devices are all on different VLANs.


When on the LAN you can auto discover all the airtame devices.

When on a Windows machine and on our wireless the airtame devices will not auto discover.


When on a MacBook and on our wireless the airtame devices are discoverable.


It should be possible from the article below:



Has anyone seen this before?  


Airgroup has been set up for airtame and the Airtame service IDS added are: urn:airtame-com:device:airtame:1  



Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

Hi Scott,


What's the output when you run the following commands while the Airtame and Windows Machine are both connected? I would hazard a guess the the Mac OS X is using mDNS for discovery while the Windows Machine is using SSDP:


show airgroup status
show airgroup blocked-service-id
show airgroup blocked-queries


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Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

cbjohns thanks for your reply.


The Windows machines discover when on the LAN (wired)

On the Wifi it doesn't discover any airtame devices.

Do you want me to run the commands when the Windows machine is connected via LAN to the Airtame ? Or should I manually type the IP into the airtame app to connect the Windows machine through WiFi and run these commands?


You are correct in that the airtames seem to be being discovered by the Macs over mDNS if you look at the airgroup servers table:


AirGroup Servers
MAC IP Type Host Name Service VLAN Wired/Wireless Role Group Username AP-Name
--- -- ---- --------- ------- ---- -------------- ---- ----- -------- -------
64:eb:8c:39:5d:fa mDNS EPSON395DFA airprint 13 wireless kainos-guest UC_Reception_Port_G204_15115
38:4b:76:f0:41:c4 mDNS linux-15 airplay 12 N/A
a4:93:4c:aa:d0:01 DLNA Airtame 13 N/A
38:4b:76:f0:57:7a mDNS Bytel.local airplay 0 N/A
38:4b:76:f0:43:ba mDNS linux-6 airplay 12 N/A
38:4b:76:f0:44:b9 mDNS linux-16 airplay 12 N/A
38:4b:76:f0:57:13 mDNS linux-10 airplay 12 N/A
60:f8:1d:cd:7f:00 mDNS stone airprint 10 wireless kainos-corporate alisono UC_1-3_Port_G02_19192
38:4b:76:f0:4c:73 mDNS linux-11 airplay 12 N/A
Num Servers: 9.

The mac addresses starting 38:4b are all the airtame devices.

The mac address a4:93 with the DLNA type is actually the mac address of the firewall. 


I have attached the log files you have asked for also in a seperate file due to the length.


Appreciate your help so far.

Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

Thanks for including the "show airgroup servers" command. A few things I"m curious about:


1. Can you run the following command - I'd like to see the cached entries Airgroup is processing:

show airgroup cache entries | include <or whatever ip-address may correspond with the show airgroup servers command for the DLNA Airtame>

2. With your Windows Machine on the LAN - can you run wireshark on the laptop and capture the discovery process of the Airtame App from first launch? You could do a capture-filter on "udp 1900" or a display-filter on "ssdp" and export the displayed packets that way to keep too much info from being exposed (or pm the capture).


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Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

OK so a little update: 


I am pleased to let you know that this has now been resolve.


I have been able to get this working by two steps:

Disabling our anti-virus software (which I had done before but it still was not working)

Also disabling on the Windows machines the SSDP service as Windows has the ability to run its on SSDP multicast group ( the same service that airtame uses) and this was grabbing the airtame multicast packets.


When both of these steps were completed the devices were then able to auto discover on wireless.


Now we are trying to get the airgroup to work with Remote APS.  Do you know if it is possible to get the airgroup stuff to work over RAPS which NAT behind a public IP?

Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

Glad to hear you got it working. Interesting about the Anti-Virus and Windows SSDP Service -> I could understand the Anti-Virus if it was also functioning as a firewall (differentiating between two network type/locations and applying separate policies) - but the service is a bit perplexing since it worked on LAN but not WLAN. I was initially thinking they're was a "service id" issue - I saw that Airgroup was dropping "airtame:recv" service - I did a packet capture on my machine - and saw two M-Searches -> 1 for the "urn:airtame-com:device:airtame:1 " that you added - and 1 for that "airtame:recv" which is considered invalid with the uPnP Architecture as it doesn't contain the "URN:" prefix among other things - such as the Roku Remote Control app - which i see that your Airgroup is also dropping "roku:ecp". But didn't see that AirGroup received any queries for "urn:airtame-com:device:airtame:1".


As for the RAPs, I'm not sure on that. Are they operating in tunnel/split-tunnel mode?




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Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

The anti-virus has a built in firewall policies and it's policy is assigned by subnet.  The wireless subnet is different than the lan subnet which means the policies are different.  We will need to amend this.


I noticed that airtame:recv had massive dropped queries but i could not find this in the guide as to what this is even used for, we dont' even have this listed as a service ID as it is not a valid service ID.


The RAPs are operating in split tunnel mode.  The discovery will not work but if you type the IP in manually it will connect to the device.

Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

Have you tried adding "permit" policies for SSDP- and mDNS- to send that discovery traffic over the tunnel to the controller for AirGroup processing instead of src-nat for SSDP/mDNS?

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Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)

Yes we first tried the src-nat and that didn't work so we added this (screenshot attached)


However it still will not auto discover 


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Re: Airtame not auto disocvering on wireless networks (Windows machines)


OK so here is a little update after thinking about the advice you gave me I allowed the UDP ports 1900-1901 and 5353 for SSDP discovery on the controller itself.  This means that now the RAP (the AP on the remote site) can discover all of the airtame devices on the site we have the controller (Back here at main office).

So now the auto discover works it just will not discover the airtame device that is on the remote site which would be local to the RAP.


The last step is to try and get the RAP to discover the local airtame on the remote site automatically.



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