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Airwave Undo Option?

Morning all,


Having a bit of a rubbish Monday Morning. I accidentally deleted 100+ 'down' APs from Airwave (don't ask!)

We have quite a complicated folder list so I don't want to manually add these APs back into the folders. Is there an undo button or something similar, or do I have to restore from backup to achieve that.

Also, complicating things is that there APs are not re appearing in the 'new AP' tab. Even if I scan my controllers under the discover tab. Maybe this is because these particular APs haven't been online in a while, in fact ,since we installed Airwave?


Any ideas? Many thanks




University Information Services
University of Cambridge
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Re: Airwave Undo Option?

Hi Alexander!


Restoring from the nightly backup will bring you back to the state before the deletion, that´s the only way that I know of that will bring them back to where they were and keep the historical data. Although it´s worth a shot to start a TAC case to see if they have any trick to perhaps fix it in an easier way for you.


No "down" APs will end up in "New devices" so perhaps those that arn´t showing are down at the moment.



Christoffer Jacobsson | Aranya AB
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Re: Airwave Undo Option?

Hi Christoffer


Many thanks for the advice. A restore from backup is probably my best option. An undo function would be a handy feature though (even if its only for recently submitted changes). Maybe I'll put in a feature request.


Thanks again



University Information Services
University of Cambridge
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