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Anyone else currently suffering with outages/interruptions on

We suffered an outage back in the beginning of September on which was resolved by TAC and then advised to move up to  After the upgrade, we've had sporadic and intermittent interruptions in service where the AP's would get bumped from the 7210 local controller to the 3600 master and vice-a-versa.  Just as of this morning, perhaps related, perhaps not, we had our production ssid which is 802.1x PEAP/MSCHAPV2 unable to accept EAP packets from our ClearPass controller.  The TAC engineer had to essentially rebuild the profile from a test ssid then re-push it back out as our production SSID.  On another note, does anyone have any clout to request hold music that changes to other open source music?  I don't mind the smooth jazz elevator tune that plays but a nice little playlist would be an improvement.  I find myself overlaying 90's rap lyrics over the current beat.  



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