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Apple TV and other shared devices

Long story short: My boss was let go, I moved up to Tech Coor., Aruba controller reset to factory defaults, couldn't find back up of config, started over from scratch, about configured back to normal.


The only problem I haven't solved yet is getting Apple TVs and other devices to see each other on the wireless network. I have confirmed that everything is getting an address in the correct VLAN (, and I can ping the address successfully. I have tried a lot of different options, but maybe not the right combo. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Re: Apple TV and other shared devices

Do you happen to have enable ipv6? if not enable it...


Also are they boht in the same network and vlan?  or its between a wired appte TV and wireless clients?  you have to make sure that the user allow the correct communication... if the bonjour between wireless clients make  sure that the deny inter user traffic is  unchecked



Make sure that BCMC (Broadcast-Multicast) is off as it will drop all the mulitcast and broadcast exept for arp dhcp and vrrp on that vlan  its under that ip interface... check that is unchecked...

Also Drop Broadcast and Multicast" and "Convert Broadcast Arp Requests to Unicast" disble... unless you use airgroup...


Which need a special firwmare which i don tknow if you have....



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Re: Apple TV and other shared devices

Forgot telling

This topic as been asked a lot... i ahve read it many times... try doing a searh on the forums... o try using google to search in this forum for something specific.... :)

Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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