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Aruba 105 clients not receiving dhcp address

I'm trying to get an Aruba 105 AP to broadcast two SSID. One public SSID and one private SSID.    The issue that I'm trying to work through is it appears as if wireless clients are unable to receive a DHCP address.  


I have both WLANS configured as follows:


      Employee or Guest

      Client IP Assigned:  Network

      Client VLAN assignement:  Static, 20

      Allow DHCP to all destinations

      Allow all traffic to all destinations


I've updated the fireware to the current release:


VLAN 20 is configured with an IP Helper address to the DHCP server


Switch type is Cisco Catalyst 3750


DHCP server is on VLAN 10 but has a DHCP scope for VLAN 20


Switch port is configured as access.   Would like to configure as a trunk port but had other difficulty.  


Thanks in advance for any help.  





Re: Aruba 105 clients not receiving dhcp address





You need to configure the port as trunk so you can trunk several VLANs : Management VLAN to reach the Virtual Controller and  VLAN 20 


Make sure to make the wired profile with Management VLAN as the Native VLAN



Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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