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Aruba 6000 w/ multi-service mobilty module 1

I recently purchased the contents of an entire server room from a college in south Florida. Amongst a bunch of typical IT equipment, I also acquired an aruba 6000 with a multi-service mobility module inside of it. After a couple weeks of research I have realized that this a very unique piece of equipment. I have also realized that most typical channels for selling IT equipment do not have buyers for this thing. I need help finding it a home.


Im not sure if selling things here is an option, but if it is not can someone at least point me to a place where I may be able to sell this item? I know its worth a small fortune, however, I can take a whole lot less than that.


If someone can help me find a home for this thing I will gladly pay a "bird-dog" fee.


Either pm me here or email me at chano850 at gmail






*Admins* If I crossed any lines with this post just shoot me an email and I will come back and revise it so that I am within the rules.


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