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Aruba 7200 controller USB access



is there a way to use the USB port on a 7240 controller from cpboot> promt to upload a firmware to the boot flash?

I tried some USB drives, but always received a message like "filesystem needs to be ext2/3 or vfat". Are there any specifications on the USB drives to be used?


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Re: Aruba 7200 controller USB access

I just found the answer myself::catvery-happy:


To use USB on a 7200 controller, format the usb drive i.e. in vfat format, then copy the firmware image on it.

When the controller is then in cpboot> prompt, you can load the image from external USB via

cpboot> bootf 1:1 arubaos_72xx_6.2.1.4_40075

I somehow could not find which usb partition referred to the external usb drive. As it seems USB0 is the internal flash and USB1 is the external. Maybe someone can confirm this.



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Re: Aruba 7200 controller USB access

the two internal partitions are recognized as 0:0 bein the primary slot and 0:1 being the secondary slot.  The two external usb ports are recognized as 1:0 and 1:1.

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