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Aruba AP 61

Dear Community,


I am using Alcatel (ARUBA) wireless controller OmniAccess 4704.


it is a new installation and i am having around 70 x AP61.


But my controller can see only 15 AP's and among them also some times it is showing 4 x AP's down. Its AP's are not getting stable.


One day back my 1 x AP61 was working but not it is showin that this AP is down.


Why my controller is not registering the remaining AP's ? and wy my working AP61 is now down ?


Kindly help me to resolve this issue.


Best Regards,


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Re: Aruba AP 61

Where did you find the AP-61 for the new install :-).  Aruba has not been selling that model of AP May 31, 2011!!!


Anyways, what OS are you running?

   show version


Do you have the required number of license?


   show license

   show ap license-usage

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Re: Aruba AP 61

Your are right.. actually the client purchased the equipment a long way back but they are configuring it for the 1st time now.
The AOS version is
and license is for 96 AP's.
I am also monitoring that those AP's which came up before are sometime also going down. Like they are not stable.
Please help me as i am new to all this.
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Re: Aruba AP 61

Hi Rizwan,


That version of AOS is ancient.  It's definitely out of support window long time ago.


There could be many many reasons why an AP reboots. What is the network topology?  How are the APs powered up?  What kind of PoE switches?


Do you still have a support contract?  I would suggest contacting TAC.



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Re: Aruba AP 61

Dear Albert,
Thankyou for your response.
I dont have Alcatel support for this product any more thats why i am a bit stuck.
The network topology is very simple.
I have 01 x Alcatel 9600 core switch in server room.
Then i have 02 x 6250P Alcatel Omniswitches inevery floor IDF of the building.
04 x AP61 is on each floor connected directly to the Alcatel POE switches in the IDF rooms of each floor.
All Omniswitches are connected to the core switch via fiber uplinks.
Kindly help me in getting to know the reason of AP61 going down and sometimes not getting registered with the OmniAccess 4704 Alcatel controller.
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Re: Aruba AP 61

you go through the normal troubleshooting steps, have a look at your logs to start with. is there anything there indicating an issue?


check your switches, are there errors on the ports with APs on them? is there anything in the logs.


as mentioned you are working with old hardware and firmware. there is chance you run into an issue which wont be fixed.

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