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Aruba Access Point DNS problem

Hi all,

hope that's the correct location for my question.


We have some Aruba IAP 207 devices with DHCP in our wireless management vlan connected. The IAP's receive an ip address, gateway and so on. Everythin look's good.


The problem is that i'm not able to resolve the name of the IAP's to the ip address and reverse. So there is a problem with the DNS registration. Only the Master-AccessPoint is registered to the DNS Server and could be resolved from name to ip and reverse.


Is that a normal behaviour?


Thanks and best regards,


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Re: Aruba Access Point DNS problem

Access Points, like most other network equipment, servers, etc, don't register themselves in DNS. It is the DNS administrator (or some IPAM-like system that takes that task) to assign and register hostnames and IP addresses as well as the forward and reverse DNS entries.


Some home office routers will take the hostname from DHCP and create a mapping in that DNS server, but I have not really seen that in larger networks as it easily allows spoofing.

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