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Aruba Central Questions for my Aruba Central Peeps...

To my Aruba Central Peeps,


I am just getting info on AC and had a few questions:


1 - can AC be the termination point for RAPs? or is essentially doing the same thing with IAPs?


2 - can I allow users from one site to communicate with / access assets at another site? like can be done with RAPs?


Any insight is appreciated :-)



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Re: Aruba Central Questions for my Aruba Central Peeps...



In order to terminate a RAP you would need an Aruba Controller, Aruba Central can not provide this function.


For site-to-site data communications, so long as some kind of connection exisits between the sites i.e. MPLS, iPsec tunnel then you can access the other sites assests.  But note, an IAP managed by central can not bring up an tunnel from one site to the other without an Aruba Controller providing tunnel termination.


thank you,

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