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Aruba Controller 3600 Provide DHCP

I feel as though I'm overlooking something rather simple. What I'm wanting to do is create an IP pool for the clients connecting to my Aruba Controller. I did not set it up originally so I'm not that familiar with it yet. I see that the Guest network is getting a different subnet all together, I just want to specify the range of the authenticated clients so that it doesn't overlap with the range of my wired clients.


On a similar question, is it possible to provision static IPs to the APs? So I can get them all in the same range as well? I've read through various documentation but I am just not seeing it. The furthest I've gotten is to create a second DHCP Pool.

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Re: Aruba Controller 3600 Provide DHCP

You already know how to create a DHCP scope, so I will skip that.  Users are placed into ip address ranges by VLAN.  You create the VLANs in Configuration> Network> VLANs.  Create a VLAN Number.  In Configuration> Network> IP, you can define the range for that VLAN.  After that you go to the Virtual AP profile and change the VLAN number to whatever range you want your users to end up in (Configuration> Wireless> AP Configuration..Edit the AP-Group that your access points are a part of.  Expand Wireless Vlan> Expand Virtual AP and click on the Virtual AP for your wireless Lan.  Edit the VLAN Number there).


You can give access points a static ip address but it is normally unadvised, due to the overhead of managing statically addressed devices.  To change it to static, go to configuration> Wireless Lan> AP Installation.  On the provisioning screen, you can select an access point and give it a static ip address and then reprovision it.



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Re: Aruba Controller 3600 Provide DHCP

Authenticated clients are put in the VLAN specified in your Virtual AP profile.  Alternatively, your RADIUS server can respond back with a VLAN to place your clients in.  You should use a real DHCP server (ex: Microsoft DHCP)  for your authenticated clients and the controller's DHCP server for guests.


In order for your APs to have a different IP address than your clients, you can simply place your APs in another VLAN on your switch.


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