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Aruba Controller auto disable rogue APs?

Is it possible to configure our Aruba Controller to automatically disabled all unauthorized APs and routers plug into our network? If yes, any tutorial or guide to enable this?




  1. Are the above displayed active interfering APs all inside our network? Will it include wireless APs outside of our network too?
  2. What should be the recommended action we should do to reduce this interfering issue? I would like to know what does these options actually do, their differences example. 
    1. Set as interfering
    2. Set as Rogue
    3. Set as Suspected Rogue
    4. Disable
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Re: Aruba Controller auto disable rogue APs?



Yes you can configure the controllers to actively disable rogue AP's though I prefer to be alerted about it and then decide if I want to do anything to the rogue AP.  If setup properly you could send a deauth/auth flood to the rogue AP as well an ARP attack on the wired side.


Interferring are AP's that are not configured on your controller, but your AP's see them in the wireless spectrum but doesn't see them on the wired network. Suspected Rogue may be plugged into the network and are worth investigating. Rogue are plugged into your wired network and also providing wireless access. They should deifnately be looked into.


Assuming you have the WIPS licenses installed, you can use the wip wizard to configure what attacks to look for and how to deal with them.


Reference the Wireless Intrusion Detection section of the User Guide for detailed instructions and lots of good content on this.







Re: Aruba Controller auto disable rogue APs?

I usually recommend to manually go through the list (e.g. rainy day work...) and classify the networks that you clearly know are not in your building.

If you have Airwave in your installation you can write some post-processing rules that will do a good job of streamlining some of this process.

The goal being to get an accurate classification of the neighbours etc. such that one morning when 'something is different' you can tell/see/alert right away without all the noise/ambient networks potentially hiding the new device just freshly added and open-for-business.

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Re: Aruba Controller auto disable rogue APs?


Does anyone have any diagram like cisco product about wireless controller?


credit the diagram from; http://cisconetworkingcenter.blogspot.com/2012/04/cisco-wlan-design.html

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Re: Aruba Controller auto disable rogue APs?


I used to configure cisco product but not familair Aruba controller product... plan to implement on brother's company

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Re: Aruba Controller auto disable rogue APs?

Aruba stencils for Visio are on the support site... Also check the vrd's for diagrams
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Re: Aruba Controller auto disable rogue APs?



I have an access point that is being classified as Rogue by Airwave. This AP is for testing and I want Airwave to stop classifying this AP as rogue. I tried to change it to neighbor but I still get alerts, Is there any other way to stop Airwave classifying this AP as rogue.

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