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Aruba Dropping Wireless Traffic


I have a little problem with one application, that's not working in wireless machines.....

My scenario is:  1 controller (3200) and some Access Points (AP-105 - RAP) operating as bridge.

The application works this way: the client machine (windows XP ou 7) opens a telnet session (port 23) to a server, and after enter the login and password, the server connects back to the client machine (port 6400).

client   ----> SYN -----> server  (telnet)
server ----> SYN  ----> client (port 6400)

When the client machine is on the network cable, no problem. But when the client machine is wirelessly, the second part of the application (server connecting to the client) does not work.

I've check eveyry User Role and ACLs, and I don't find why this trafffic is blocked. I also tried to configure a wireless network with all User Roles Authenticated (permit all-all).

Anyone has some ideas why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Aruba Dropping Wireless Traffic

if you have a RAP, it does not allow unsolicited traffic to flow into the RAP, unless the user first initiates it.


In the AP-group of the RAP, you need to change the AP-Uplink-ACL to "allowall" to change that.


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Re: Aruba Dropping Wireless Traffic


I've changed the AP-Uplink-ACL, and now it works. I'm monitoring this week, and no problem happened.

Thank you very much for the quick response.



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