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Aruba Equivalent For NetGear 602-B2

i wanted to know aruba access point equivalent for  "NetGear 602-B2 "


Re: Aruba Equivalent For NetGear 602-B2



You cannot compare any Aruba product to Netgear products (I wouldn't install Netgear at my sister home :smileytongue:) ..But if you compare the radio/ant support ..
The Ap you talking about it's 802.11g ap (very old one) with only 1 antenna and 10/100 port...

*BTW: THE AP-41 is supporting POE and the netgear ap does not*.


THE AP-41 IS VERY OLD ARUBA AP AND IT EOS EOL... - just be aware-


Your netgear:


The Aruba AP-41:



Have a lovely night. :smileywink:



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