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Aruba Instant - Clients need to use Proxy for connectivity

Hi All

I am at a bit of a loss on the request I received - as I haven't had to do this on Aruba and wireless as yet (doubt it is possible)....


I have a very basic setup for and Instant Access Point - broadcasting only 1 SSID.
The clients (Smart devices and Laptops) connecting through the SSID requires a proxy server for authentication and internet access. As it is currently when the clients connect to the SSID they need to long tap and manually enter the proxy details on the smart devices - this however is causing alot of problems as the users aren't tech savvy and don't understand this process.


We don't want to configure the Proxy transparently (which as I can tell will be the recommended method) as we still want the users to authenticate.


Hence any advice on how to get auto proxy (pac/WAPD files) setup (don't think this is supported by iPhone/iPad and Android) or any other method to allow the smart devices to have the Proxy set either through the SSID or any other clever trick.


The other option I was thinking of but not sure if it actually will work or not is to set a new SSID with a Captive Portal Profile using the Proxy for the Authentication.....

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Re: Aruba Instant - Clients need to use Proxy for connectivity

One option, if this is a smaller network, is to use the Virtual Controller to provide DHCP addresses in NAT mode, and setup the HTTP proxy settings on the IAP from System > Show Advanced Options > Proxy tab.  All traffic should then pass through the web proxy as defined, except for any exceptions you define in that page on the Instant VC.


Another option, though I've heard this may not work well for all device types, is to use DHCP option 252 to define the location of the PAC file.  In most cases, this should allow for auto-configuration of the proxy for clients when they get their DHCP offer packet back from the DHCP server.




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Re: Aruba Instant - Clients need to use Proxy for connectivity

Hi - Thanks for the speedy reply.

The 1st option actually sounds good to me - probably means we loose the per user Authentication through the proxy, but it still is feasible. Will test and post the results.

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