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Aruba RAP +3G/4G supported devices? + Airwave management possibility

Hello can someone help me to get this info:


1. Which Aruba AP models and modes(RAP, IAP, CAP) support 3G/4G USB dongles?

2. Where I can find out supported 3G/4G dongles list?

3. Is there are configuration guides, how to add USB dongle to RAP and then provision this RAP over 3G/4G uplink to Mobility Controller?

4. Is it possible to manage RAPs connected over 3G/4G uplinks over Airwave?




Re: Aruba RAP +3G/4G supported devices? + Airwave management possibility

1. AP's that support a USB slot.

2. You can use the Aruba HCL list to find supported 3/4G dongels

3. Not all dongles are plug-and-play, if 3/4G is your only iNet connectivity then you will have to provision them before.

4. RAP's are managed via a controller, which can be in turn managed via AirWave.

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Re: Aruba RAP +3G/4G supported devices? + Airwave management possibility

1. Where can I find HCL list?


This page do not contain supported dongles info.


2. Which dongles are plug and play and which are not?



Re: Aruba RAP +3G/4G supported devices? + Airwave management possibility

A non-exhaustive list of modems that were tested for interoperability can be found here: https://www.arubanetworks.com/en-gb/support-services/interoperability/


That being said, there are often vendor-specific settings to consider, certain USB modems require manual settings to work in a RAP/Branch Controller. Not all of them are plug & play.


Additionally, the Release Notes are a good resource, where we list newly added USB modem support, eg. in 8.4 we added support for Inseego U730L for Verizon: https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS/8.4.x.x/Default.htm#ReleaseNotes/Features/Features8.4.x.htm


Therefore the USB modem support is always AOS version specific.


As a matter of fact, it is very hard to keep a list of supported plug & play modem. We have seen cases where the USB vendors sell modems that seem to be of the same type but the HW underneath has changed, so they are no longer automatically detected by the underlying AOS (or simply detected as a different type).


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