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Aruba VIA / AOS

I have 1MD in a MM architecture I'm wanting to terminate VIA connections on. The MD has two physical connections, 1 for MGMT and 1 have placed in the DMZ. Both have IPs on them.


1. If I try to access https://<DMZ IP>/via I get a connection refused. Internally and externally.

2. If I try to access https://<MGMT IP>/via I get a connection refused externally, but not internally.


My question is: Are there additional parameters to allow connections to the DMZ IP for users to download the VIA profile/client? It appears the controller is dropping all connections except those going to the MGMT IP. Also, the MGMT IP appears to be dropping all 443 connections from an external IP address.


The VIA VRD doesn't really explain the Layer1-3 setup on the controller. So, I'm wondering if there were some assumptions that I'm not familiar with.

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